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 Online Games :: Online Games Collection
Category Files
Here youŽll find all kind of action games; fight, shooters, war games and alien games.
In this folder youŽll find funny games just for have a nice time.
All kind of aventure games. Interactive Fiction, Point and click and RGM games to play for free!
All classic games directly from the 80Žs!. Here youŽll find not only the classic versions of Galaxian, Space Invaders, Tetris or Pacman, also youŽll find new and revised versions of this great games!.
Just simple games to show your habilities!
Show to anyone your memory with this games!. You can play from Classic Memory games like Simon to the newest online memory games.
Just for sports lovers!. Classic games, soccer, basketball, NFL, golf games, pool or chess. Ready to play?
Have you ever dream with playing with Britney Spears, Anna Kournikova , Bin Laden, Tony Blair or George Bush? Now you can play games based on your favorite or hate celebrities here!
Use your logic to solve this games and puzzles just with your inteligent.
Here youŽll find some funny games for kids of all ages!. Tons of educational games for free!
A great collection of cards games, casino games, chess, othello type games and much more!
Halloween lovers have a few Flash games to play too. Zombies, Monsters and much just to play and scare!
Here you can play all games we didnŽt know where to store it. Just check it up!
Star Wars, Matrix, South Park, Batman lovers? Of course we have a lot of movie based games for you too!
If you love the Japanese Anime and Manga comics and girls this is your place. We have Flash Manga and Anime games to play to from your browser.
Most of this are not exactly games. Animations, shows and flash funny things are located here.
Here we stored all games we really liked. You can also find this games in its own category but we have copied together here. Try our favorites!

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